Recently, I had the distinct opportunity to present at Opkoko, our internal company conference. The stage was familiar, but the sense of calm I experienced this time around was unprecedented.

The crux of my presentation was advocating for a 'null-free' approach in our code, coupled with practical strategies to achieve it. The fear of critique from my peers was a significant hurdle, but I soon realized that such challenges are fundamental to our collective growth and learning.

One thrilling element of my presentation was live coding. The atmosphere in the room was palpable as I began to weave through the lines of code live, a testament to the suspense this brings.

Navigating through initial fears and performing live coding was a rewarding journey. It underscored the power of shared learning and strengthened our community bonds.

In retrospect, the fear of being critiqued turned into a driver for growth, leaving me eager for future presentations. To those contemplating public speaking, remember: challenges and nerves are simply stepping stones on the path to success.